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Easy Install Maker is a former name of Actual Installer. Easy Install Maker was very popular software installation tool since 2004. Below you can read testimonials from some of our satisfied customers.

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“I'm going to use Easy Install Maker for my next release of Endless Online. I think your tool is working a lot better then my old *** install maker, which seem to fail for several users, or just not overwrited files causing version conflicts. Thank you again!”
Arnoud Vultr
“Myself Ketan Raiyani, working as a Software Developer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. I have just downloaded your product Easy Install Maker 2.3. I also make a simple installation with it. It seems too good.”
Ketan Raiyani, India
“I was looking for a replacement for InstallShield and you are it. I downloaded your demo this afternoon. I have a successful install program that installs my program, a help file, all the extra dlls and runs a command file with one parameter. Pretty easy to get going. I'll be buying in the next few days.”
Mark W Kachel, MWK Software
“I love your product and we are using it for the distribution of our product, SQL(snap).”
Scott Salisbury
“First let me say that I have never set up an installer before and yours is really simple and appealingly effective except for a few things as described below. As a test I tried repackaging an existing program my company (askSam Systems) distributes and your Normal compression was almost twice as efficient as the Install Shield we have been using and your Maximum compression was well over twice as efficient. Why should one not routinely choose Maximum compression?”
Mack McKinney
“This is by far the simplest and most useful installer I have found. Not to mention the best looking! I have to admit I am into GUI's! OK, so here is my question. I want to have an auto install of a screensaver. If AI can do this, you have a real winner. Well worth the purchase price.”
Steve Vick
“I'm using the trial version of Actual Installer 2.4. This program is very simple, easy to use and has many options. I registered a DLL shell (ActiveX) to make a context menu. It works perfectly...”
Rafael Marques
“Thank you for Actual installer, I am quite happy with it.”
Ralph Richardson
“First off all, thank you for this amazing product. I have 3 questions about AI_2.4: 1) Is it possible to install an empty directory? 2) Or an empty registry value? 3) Will there be dot net 3.x install possibility?”
Danny Verbiest
“By the way.. ActualInstaller is a terrific installation creation tool. It appears to have all the capabilities I need. The user interface is clean and concise.”
Brad Critchfield
“I've been playing with the demo and so far it looks pretty good. I do have a question about the Serial Number entry in the Dialogs/User Info tab. It appears that if I want to use different serial numbers I would have to do a separate build for each one. Am I missing something as to how to apply serial numbers or is this the way it is?”
Mike Piontek
“Thanks for the upgrading of easy install maker software, the software is very simple and powerful... very good product!”
“I just want to thank you for all your patience, expertise, and fast replies. Your support was excellent. I like the product very much and the price was reasonable.”
Lisa Perry, Fine Art Screensavers for the Home and Office LLC
“Wow!!! I'm impressed with your customer service (and the product, too!).”
Ron Thompson
“We like your install software because it has a straight-forward interface and mostly does what we want it to do.”
Denys Appleby
“I found the operation of your program completely intuitive. After struggling with visual basic over the last couple of months where there is an enormous amount of details that are highly non-intuitive, I felt like I'd entered a new planet when I used your program.”
David Kirkeby
“I'm really pleased with the simplicity and ease of use of Actual installer. After struggling with the unreliability of "T*** installer" for so long, this is such a refreshing change.”
John Coupland

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To uninstall Easy Install Maker from your computer, go to Control Panel \ Programs and Features and double-click Easy Install Maker.