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Actual Installer Features

Actual Installer provides quick step-by-step way to create installer packages of both simple indy-products and enterprise-level software.

Ease of Use

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Don't waste time on learning how to create a Windows installer package for you software! With Actual Installer this process becomes fantastic ease. Actual Installer offers you an easy-to-use interface that will quickly guide you through all the stages of creating an installer package. Simply go from one tab to another and specify the required values or textual content. Because the learning curve is minimal, it usually takes less than five minutes for a beginner to get started with the first installation project. No previous knowledge of installation technologies or scripting is required.

To even more simplify the process of creating installation packages, Actual Installer includes a Wizard. Using Wizard, you just need to specify the source folder of your application and its main executable file, that's it! You don't even have to type your product details, such as name, version and developer, as the Wizard automatically retrieves this information from the main executable file.

Basic & Advanced Features

Actual Installer supports all basic installation features, such as copying files into any directories, creating shortcuts on Desktop and Start Menu, showing License Agreement and ReadMe files, modification of Registry and INI files, has complete uninstallation opportunities with support of Add/Remove Programs (Control Panel - Programs and Features) applet. Advanced features include registration of File Associations, Environment Variables, Fonts, COM (DLL In-Proc servers, Type Libraries), .Net Assemblies, and even ScreenSavers. What’s more, Actual Installer supports many installer variables, customizable interface of setup programs, user information queries, Uninstall feedback, and more.

Support for 64-bit Applications

Actual Installer can be used for installing both 32-bit and 64-bit applications on Windows. While installing a 64-bit application, the setup program uses the appropriate paths, such as C:\Program Files and C:\Windows\System32. More information about 64-bit installation is described here.

System Requirements

Actual Installer allows checking system information and informing the user if some requirements specified in the installation project are not met. You can specify such checks as Windows OS versions, administrator privileges and Internet connection.

Software Prerequisites

If your application requires some 3rd party software for correct working, you can specify them in Actual Installer as software prerequisites. You can specify: Microsoft .NET Framework, Internet Explorer, Adobe Reader, Java (JRE), SQL Server, Crystal Reports, or any other custom prerequisites. These software prerequisites can be included in the installer package or downloaded from specific links.

Single-File Executable

Actual Installer compiles an installation package as a single executable file ( Setup.exe ). Then, this file can be easily uploaded to your website and made available to visitors for downloading. Or, it can be distributed on CD/DVD and other media. Also it is possible to create a setup package for a large application with a data file located next to the setup program (Setup.exe +

Multilanguage Installation

Actual Installer enables you to create a Windows installer package in any supported languages (12 available - Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Vietnamese). The Readme and License Agreement texts can also be specified for each language separately.

Custom Setup Interface

Actual Installer lets you to create good-looking installations. It has templates for Classic Wizard and Modern installation. You will be able to customize the setup icon, installation graphics, edit any text and error messages. The silent installation mode is also supported. In this mode no user interface will be shown. It's useful for unattended installation / uninstallation over large number of computers.

Custom Commands

For creating flexible installations, in Actual Installer project you can specify any custom commands to be executed on user's system. Commands can be executed before / after installation (and uninstallation).

Auto Updater

Actual Installer includes a very useful tool - Actual Updater. It allows the user to check for updates of your application and download new version, if available. Setting up is very simple and easy.

Support for latest Windows 10

Installer packages created with Actual Installer work fine on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 versions.

Award-winning & Reliable Installer

Actual Installer received a lot of awards and positive reviews from editors. For more than 10 years (initially released in 2004), Actual Installer has been used by software developers from all over the world. Our satisfied customers left many testimonials.

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What Customers Say...
“I downloaded and trialed the Actual Installer. Indeed its really great to see easy usage to create Windows installer. Just one question...”
Bob Salman
“Actual Installer has an easy to use installation GUI, produces a clean looking setup programs, easy Windows registry editing, striaght-forward shortcuts, and many constants. The greatest feature is the simple effective process of creating a Windows installer package. A great value for the features that come in it! I'm a satisfied customer!”
Robert Molnar II

To uninstall Actual Installer from your computer, go to Control Panel \ Programs and Features and double-click Actual Installer. Or use this uninstaller software.