Cannot Pre. Set the correct Working Folder

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Cannot Pre. Set the correct Working Folder

Postby paulb_kw » Sun Feb 26, 2017 1:08 am

Cannot Pre Set the correct Working Folder
Hello talented developers and users of Actual Installer.
Please allow me to thank in advance, “anyone” who takes the time to read all this let alone offer a solution.
My Actual Installer version is 6.2. I have no experience with INI files, variables or commands as they pertain to Actual Installer.
I am considered legally blind, so it’s easy to miss things such as a popup that is out of my narrow vision range.

I coded my accounting application and compiled with Paradox 11 full version, which in turn allows it to run with Paradox 11 Runtime.
Paradox 11 Runtime is freely available from Corel.

The installation is a two stage process, for lack of a better description. The App. Is comprised of various data bases (.db) related queries (.qbe) and various other control files.
The main, and only executable, is pdx11run.exe which is
Paradox 11 Runtime ® Corel Corporation.

By default, the App. installs to C:\My-Home-Accounting
Next and by default, Paradox 11 Runtime installs to C:\Program Files (x86)\Paradox Runtime.

After installation completes , The user double clicks the desktop icon for the applications. Paradox 11 Runtime starts as it should then opens the target file named Menu.fdl.. Menu.fdl is the splash screen of the application with a menu bar across the top that gives access to the other parts of the program such as Close-Exit-Name Setup | Forms-1 | Forms2 | Reports | Help |
Each Menu Item has a drop down list with more functions such as General Journal etc.

The problem,
Paradox Runtime will NOT set to the correct working directory
C:\My-Home-Accounting upon opening for the first time.
Instead, it sets C:\Users\P\Documents\Pdr\Work\ as the working folder.
The file - Menu.fdl will open as it should but that is were it stops.
As it stands, the end user MUST go through the very simple task of “manually” setting the working folder on the first startup.
My accounting program works like a champ but won’t make it with that little install flaw.
There is no way of knowing what install location the end user may choose for my app or for Paradox Runtime during it’s installation.

Please know any clues that may solve this will br greatly appreciated.

Paul B.
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Re: Cannot Pre. Set the correct Working Folder

Postby ggrewe » Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:48 am

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On the Installation, Shortcuts tab, when you create the shortcut, set the Working Directory to
Code: Select all
attached is a screen shot.

Also, I would suggest that you do not default your installation to install into the root drive of C:\, the Windows UAC places some restrictions on the root folder. It is accepted practice to set the default
Code: Select all
Code: Select all
which you would set on the Installations, File and Folders tab, with the Installation Directory section.

Actual Installer uses variables, such as
Code: Select all
to replace the full name of many environment variables. Variables such as
Code: Select all
Code: Select all
are set when the installation package is compiled and gathered from the information on the General, Information tab. You may create your own variables, if needed, on the
Code: Select all
System, Variables

I hope this helps you.

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Re: Cannot Pre. Set the correct Working Folder

Postby paulb_kw » Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:38 pm

Thank you for your reply.
Will try to figure this out.

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