"I/O error 131"

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"I/O error 131"

Postby Bio_Hazzard » Tue Jan 18, 2011 6:42 am

Hey I was using ActualInstaller as a replacement for winrar's .exe function. I only have the trail now but don't want to pay for the full version quit yet because I'm still having this bug. This is what happens I select a folder with the files I want it to add to the installer, note that there is no .exe file in this installer. This isn't for a program but for a set of "map" files for a game, the reason I'm using an installer is to aid people with placing the correct map files in the correct place. Plus all the graphics look kool. So I tested it with making several installers consisting of a small size (less then 1GB) and everything went perfectly with no problems what so ever. Then I made a second Installer containing a very large file size. Around 5GB in size consisting of over 150 of these map files, now remember the main function of the installer that I am utilizing is the compression function so the installer size is reasonable. Anyway I change all of the settings so it is the way I like it and build the installer, I leave my computer on for a while and let it complete it's self. Here's the problem, when I test the installer it says it has "I/O error 131" Then says "Access violation at address 00476DDA in module "THE BIG BOY!.exe'. Read of address 00000000." It also refuses to close after opening it so I have to end it's process manually. I don't really do much programing so bare with me on this. Anyway hope that gives you enough information to help solve the problem.

Cheers, Bio Hazzard
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Re: "I/O error 131"

Postby Leo » Thu Jan 20, 2011 7:02 pm

Please read this article:
How to package a large application?
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