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Actual Installer Help \ Files and Folders


On the Installation \ Files and Folders page you can add files of your application to the installation package.

Source Directory

The source directory of the application. All files and folders from this directory will be included in the setup program. Any changes in this folder will automatically take effect on project load.
Files and folders from this directory cannot be edited or deleted from Actual Installer interface. To avoid this limitation use Windows Explorer or add this directory by using "Add Folder" button.

Source Directory must be specified when creating package type Setup EXE + Data. This directory will be archived to data file by using 7-Zip utility.

Installation Directory

The default destination folder for product installation.
Corresponding variable: <InstallDir>

Installation Files

Add files and folders to the setup package.
The Drag and Drop feature is available.

Main Executable

The main executable file of the application.
Corresponding variable: <MainExecutable>
To select it right-click on the file on the "Installation Files" section and select "Set as Main Executable".
After the main executable file is selected, Actual Installer will automatically add this file in the following settings:
- Launch Application (Dialogs \ Finish tab);
- Shortcuts on Desktop and ProgramGroup (Shortcuts tab).

The icon of this file is used as an icon of the product in the Control Panel \ Programs and Features list.