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Added on 04/10/2006

Need a professional software installer? Actual Installer is an ideal choice for you. Why is it so? Let us have a closer look at its features. First of all, the program uses the minimum of time to build a quality single-file multilingual installation package. Seems to be quite impressive, isnít? Secondly, working with Actual Installer does not require special knowledge of complicated scripts. This benefit of the program helps you to create your setup package without much routine, which is difficult to avoid, when it comes to working with complicated scripts.

A logical consequence of this means that filling in appropriate fields (descriptions) is all you have to do while building a setup file. An evident fact is that these few merits cannot be all advantages, which the developers of Actual Installer have taken care of. Apart from these benefits, a software developer can apply a variety of other features, which are essential for the creation of a quality installation package: custom logos, a License Agreement and ReadMe texts in RTF or TXT formats, shortcut creation, registry/INI-file modifications, system requirements, file associations, ActiveX, Type Library and Font registration, silent installation, uninstallation and much more.

Please, believe that this is not all yet: the programís interface combines a great deal of eye-candy and functionality, which is enough to impress even the most demanding users. Besides, Actual Installer provides for splendid opportunities for multilingual support: virtually, it means that Readme and License Agreement texts can also be inserted separately in different languages. Additionally, you can protect your program`s setup with a password.

Now it is time to ask one of our customers to say a few words about the program. ďActual Installer, says Robert Molnar II, one of our customers, has an easy to use installation GUI, produces a clean looking installation program, easy Windows registry editing, straight-forward shortcuts, and many constants such as installation path. The greatest feature is the simple effective process of creating a setup program. A great value for the features that come in it! I am a satisfied customer!Ē

Now let us have a glace at the programís principle benefits:

  • Ease of use. 10 minutes is all you need to create a quality setup package;
  • Support for Windows 95, 98, 2000, 2003, XP, Me, NT 4.0 versions;
  • Running files and restarting the PC after installation;
  • License agreement displayed in the TXT or RTF format;
  • Single-file packaging;
  • Small package size;
  • Excellent compression;
  • Intuitive user interface;
  • Complete uninstall opportunities;
  • Creating shortcuts;
  • Registry and INI-file modification;
  • Support for Add/Remove Programs applet;
  • Support for Uninstall feedback;
  • Support for custom installer logo bitmaps;
  • Support for silent installation.

You are short of time and need a professional installation package? Click here to download the FREE trial version of what you really need! Actual Installer is the one you can rely on!

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