AI reads registry/.INI values at start-up: problem for us

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AI reads registry/.INI values at start-up: problem for us

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We created a command that runs using the "Before Installation" option. The command runs our utility that scans for certain settings and creates a special .INI entry for AI to read and set the CustomCheckBox accordingly.
We noticed that AI reads the .INI variable BEFORE our command executes. This is causing a problem in the installation,

-The CustomCheckBox is always set because the .INI variable does not exist in prior versions of our product. Our utility runs and sets the .INI variable accordingly but it is too late because AI has already set the default value.

We tested our theory by running the installation and checking the variable's value in the .INI file when AI is waiting at the Folder page: CustomCheckBox is checked but the .INI variable indicates it should be unchecked.
We know that AI reads the variable correctly: If we run the installation a second time, the CustomCheckBox is unchecked (variable was set in the first run---utility actually sets it again in the second run.)

Is there a workaround to this problem?

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Re: AI reads registry/.INI values at start-up: problem for u

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Add the following command after your command that launches your utility:

Code: Select all

Timing: Before Installation
it will read custom variables again.
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