Do Components and CustomCombo work together?

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Do Components and CustomCombo work together?

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Leo. Thanks for the GETVARIABLES command. That fixed a main issue with our installers. We do not own the PRO+ version but we are intrigued by the Components feature in PRO+ 8.0 version.

We had to split our old installer into two AI types, Server and Client. We also have another one that will need to be split also. We have not released them to the general public because we still improving some aspects of them via custom programming.

Our prior installer (IShield) had a nifty feature that allowed one to connect the Server or Client (i.e. "CustomCombo") to Components. If you picked Server, components A, B, C, and D component were checked. If you picked Client, Components A and C were checked. From the documentation for PRO+ v8.0 it looks like there is no connection between the CustomCombo box and the Components. They are checked/unchecked based on a variable (registry or .INI based). Is that how it works in the PRO+? Thanks again for your prompt tech support.

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Re: Do Components and CustomCombo work together?

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There is no connection between CustomComBo and Components.
We'll try to add this feature in new versions.
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