Install a file depending on language

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Install a file depending on language

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Hi I have another question here.
Let say that I have my installation working in French and Anglish with auto-detect.
All my files for both languages are identical except one resource file that is for English and one for French.
Previously with my old buggy installer, I was creating two installation files one for each language because one containing the resource file in French the other one the English file. Can I install all the files and if the installer is in French install the resource file in French or in English in the other case?
One idea I have is to have both files like and in the installation, install both at the right location and when the installer ends, rename one to as expected by our software that doesn't know the language the user will use until that file is extracted. In such a case, I would try to create a System/Commands to rename the zip file but in that case, how do I know that the user installed the app in French or English?
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Re: Install a file depending on language

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Look at the example at:

Code: Select all

If language is French then copy file "French.lng" from SetupTempDir to Installation Directory:
Parameters: 	/C IF /I <Language>==French (COPY /Y "<SetupTempDir>\French.lng" "<InstallDir>\French.lng")
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