Installer Installation conditions

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Installer Installation conditions

Post by vdevan »

I recently purchased your product and is definetely great! No doubt about that. I am using for my software distribution and updates and is generally fast and simple to build.
I do have one request though. This is required for me for upgrade version checking or distribution. Both Visual Studio Installer & InstallShield provides an option of checking either an entry in Registry or presence of certain file before launching the Installer program.
I understand that your program checks for previous versions, but specifying a specific file or Registry section entry presence for launching the program would be very valuable. Also a simple message box to specify a message if the entry / file is not found.
Can this be incorporated?

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Re: Installer Installation conditions

Post by Leo »

Hi Vasudevan,

Thank you for this information.

We'll try to add this feature in new version 4.0 of Actual Installer very soon.
Actual Installer Team
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