Insert button on 'files' and 'ini files' pages

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Insert button on 'files' and 'ini files' pages

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:) Hi Leo,
Just a small request, I hope. We have a large number of files to install, and also a lot of .ini file changes. Invariably, one thing (or many things) gets left out in the original build until we get it right. Adding these files or .ini file changes later always puts them at the end of the list. Could we have some sort of 'insert' button, or 'move' arrows to place the added items in the list with their related entries for ease of readability and troubleshooting? Or is there a way to 'drag' an entry to its desired location?

Thanks, and
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Dave Markham
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Re: Insert button on 'files' and 'ini files' pages

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Hi Dave,

We'll try to add this soon.
Actual Installer Team
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