Missing additional files

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Missing additional files

Post by Col »

Hi, a couple of suggestions I would like to put forward are...

1) In the Project |Installation |Additional files area, grey out the files which no longer exist. A feature to locate a missing file along with a button to remove all non-existing files would be very helpful. I maintain a large number of additional files and it is difficult to correct the list when I don't know how many files are missing. The compiler does tell you if a file doesn't exist, but it only reports the first one it fails on.

2) add a function so that after building the installation file and I click on the test button there would be a check box to nominate simulating the loading of all the files. Sometimes I just want to see if the installation looks right and don't need to wait for all the files to load and then have to remove them again.

Thanks for your program. It has made the task of installing my apps a breeze!
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Re: Missing additional files

Post by Leo »

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your suggestions!

We'll try to add it soon.
Actual Installer Team
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