Actual Installer Updater

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Actual Installer Updater

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i am using your product, but i can't set the folder for UPDATER.EXE file. It's still in main folder. It will be nice if there would be an option for this.
The another problem I have is, that UPDATER.EXE does'nt work, when I didn't include Uninstall. In this case, there will be no UNINSTALL.INI file, so Updater.exe can't read informations from that file (because there is no one). It will be beter, if there would be another file for informations about Updater.exe, only with informations for Updating, not for Uninstalling, like it is in Uninstall.ini file now.........

Thank you
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Re: Actual Installer Updater

Post by sarakhan »

It would be helpful to show a progress bar during a silent install to keep the user from getting worried.
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