Uninstall.ini and .exe Location

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Uninstall.ini and .exe Location

Post by haakerp »

Allow the Uninstall.ini and Uninstall.exe files to be saved to a different location other than the root of <InstallDir>.

I have to applications I need to deploy to the same server with the same root <InstallDir> path ... so the 2nd application overwrites the first applications uninstall files.

If the uninstall files could be moved to e.g. <InstallDir>\app1 and <InstallDir>\app2 etc then each application retains it's own uninstall files.
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Re: Uninstall.ini and .exe Location

Post by ggrewe »

What I have done in these situations is install any common components to;

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Then install each application to its own folder;

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And add a reference in the software to look for the common compoents
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