Add verbose logging to Command Line Build

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Add verbose logging to Command Line Build

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With the next update would it be possible to add a verbose logging option to the Command Line build parameters?

We have a couple of setup projects that build without issue from within the UI. When we run the setups from Jenkins, the build fails and there is no indication of what the failure might have been. With Jenkins, we are running the build with the command:

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"C:\Program Files (x86)\Actual Installer\actinst.exe" /S "<PathToAip>"
When we run the build from a command prompt, the setup also fails, without any indication of the error. The build process creates the initial exe, with a size of roughly 3,035k, then the UI flashes and the setup fails. The %errorlevel% is always 1.

Attached is one of the setups that are failing.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Add verbose logging to Command Line Build

Post by Leo »

Thank you for this information. We'll check it.
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