Problem with Acrobat Readme file

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Problem with Acrobat Readme file

Post by Ace »

I seem to be having a problem at install time with viewing pdf files where Acrobat Reader is the default pdf viewer.

If I specify a pdf file to be read at the end of the installation, Acrobat Reader is involked as a background process and does not actually display the pdf file. Similarly, if I launch my application at the end of the installation, it launches OK but it too cannot have pdf files read by Acrobat (again they appear as background processes).

If I clear those background processes (Task manager) or restart the pc, then when I restart the installed application (outside the installer), there is no problem launching Acrobat as an App that is viewing the pdf file.

If I install the app, close the installer, then launch the app, there is no problem.

Any ideas? I am running Acrobat Reader XI and there is sometime an error message about not locating a DDE server.
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Re: Problem with Acrobat Readme file

Post by newpie08 »

I also am not sure on how to do this and having same issue. If anyone knows how please let me know.

I did discover how to put the PDF Help file in their programs folder for the start menu though:
1. Go to System ---> Shortcuts Tab (should be default)
2. Click Add
3. "Target File" Field = <InstallDir>\[YOUR FILE NAME].pdf
4. "Shortcut Location" = <ProgramGroup>
5. "Shortcut Name" = Help File

Hope this helps someone.
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