Bug in File Permission

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Bug in File Permission

Post by btucker »

Using Actual Installer version 6.2. When the installer overwrites our main .exe file with the newer version, it does not keep the same file permission as they were previously. The users complain they cannot access the .exe file because of permission. They have to manually go and reset permissions to the .exe file and then they are able to run it.

This was not an issue in prior versions of Actual Installer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Bug in File Permission

Post by ggrewe »

You could add the cacls as a post setup command;

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/C CACLS <InstallDir>\Main.exe /E /T /C /G "Domain Users":F
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Re: Bug in File Permission

Post by Leo »

The issue with file permission was fixed in version 6.4.
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