File searched inside old source dir

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File searched inside old source dir

Post by Scad »

I have a bug regarding a changed source directory.

In my application, there is a file called "NamedPipes.dll", this file is inside source directory folder (automatically added). Due to a change of the source directory, every file now seems to be read from the new location, also this file:
Inside the "edit" menu of this file, it shows the new source path as it should do.
But if I try to create the installer or if I try to "open file location", it says to me "file not found" and it trys to search at the old location used before as source directory.
If you want I also can attach some screenshots.

As a workaround I will try to create a completely new aip-file now, guess it should work then.
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Re: File searched inside old source dir

Post by Leo »

Thank you, Scad.
We'll check it.
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