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Post by jumper77 »

I'm using version 6.4 and I just wanted to say that you guys/girls are doing a great job. One thing I can't understand is why isn't there more input on the forum for such a great product.

Also, I would like to know if I could help with your application. I'm a retired C++ developer but have only been using vb.net lately. As far as C++ goes, I don't remember enough to be able to help there. But I could with vb.net. I wouldn't want to get paid either. I'm on disability and can't work for a living. Just thought I would offer my help.

Great product. I've never been good at installs because there was always someone else in the companies I've worked for that did that full time. You software makes it very easy for me.


edit: You don't have to post this. But if you do, you can edit the message and remove my offer to help. Or I guess basically do whatever you want :)
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Re: Outstanding

Post by paulb_kw »

I agree, a good product. However,
I'm using an earlier version 6.2. It works
just fine for what I do.
When I got the license I used it for awhile
then stopped. Now I get constant nag
from a popup telling me of a new version 6.6
There is NO check box to make it stop, unless
I buy the new version. The popup is relentless.
Just my 2 cents worth.
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