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What do you think about Actual Installer? Give us your feedback, your ideas, any comments.
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User Opinions

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Recently we put on the upgrade page a Google Form where we asked our users for their opinions about Actual Installer. We received many comments, so thank you very much! We appreciate it!

Here are some of the comments:

I like the program. Easy to use and reliable.
Easy to handle
Very happy with Actual Installer
Very nice small setup-creator. easy interface, very good functions inside
Best installer I have ever used. Will continue as long as I still program
Good,nice and fast in a nutshell
Отличная программа.
Excellent. Please keep the installer simple
It's ace. :)
Nice product, don't mess it up. Please.
It is really efficient software, user friendly also.
Been using it for years to protect hobby software, currently available for free, but will become pay software at some point.
A very fine piece of application. Easy to use and time saving!
I don't have time to fiddle around. Actual Installer gets straight to the point.
My customers say that it would be nice to have several checkboxes for file associations
Great product, Easy,Fast and look professional and updates are easy to create
Works well for me at this stage of my product development.
Great. I really like it.
It is great
Great program at a very good price!!
I like AI because it's so easy to work with. The only shortcoming I experiences is when it comes to Excel native add-ins.
After evaluating a lot of similar programs Actual Installer came out on top. What a pleasure to use.
Easy to understand.
Very happy with the product. I wish we could create a custom dialog screen, along with more custom fields.
User friendly, easy to apply
Мне очень нравится программа, спасибо автору.
very good product
Easy to use and without bugs. Straight forward!
I like it.
works for me - definitely recommendable
Great product, my installation problems has gone. Thank you guys. Mus
good software for the price , not complicated
The best in class as far as I am concerned
Simple to use
very convenient.
Very good
Been using it for many years without trouble
Very useful
It is really "user friendly" application, elegant also.
Simple, works well
very good installer
I will always use Actual Installer, best installer I have ever used
Great Installer
Does everything that I require
Easy to use and understand, small but mighty
Спасибо за программу, очень нравится. Всё очень хорошо!
Easy to use
Very intuitive design and very easy to use
very nice and good installer
Actual Installer Team
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