Files skipped list is to long

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Files skipped list is to long

Post by amyren »

I had a folder with some data files that I had in the source directory, and I set them to be skipped from the installation program.
So then I have in the Project > Installation window a text showing "251 files skipped from source directory". If I click on that text a window opens, listing all those files. But the window is not scrollable, so it will continue out of the screen, so I can not see the selection options at the bottom. I tried pressing escape, but that does nothing. Only way to close the window was to press enter, which resulted in that all the skipped files was re-added to the installation.
I think there should be a scrollbar in that window, or that it only should show a limited number of files at once.
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Re: Files skipped list is to long

Post by Leo »

Thank you for this suggestion.
We'll add it in new version.
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