Problem when installing in multiple folders

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Problem when installing in multiple folders

Post by wbtcpip »

When i use "allow Multiple Versions"

I answer NO to the request to add the version number

and therefore I expect only the application name to be included in the Program Group Name but unfortunately the version number is still added:

and with every update of my application the users complain because they find a new entry in the application list

I cannot use the overwrite mode because some users need to install the application in serveral different folders and in overwrite mode the folder selection is now disabled.

I cannot use the "ask user" mode because some of them they get confusing and sometimes uninstall the application with serious consequences

So i ask you, could you please reenable the folder selection in overwrite mode? or could you plase not add the version number when i click NO to the above requester?

thank you
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Re: Problem when installing in multiple folders

Post by Leo »

Thank you for this information. We'll add this option in new version.
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