Error creating file - Access is Denied

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Error creating file - Access is Denied

Post by apollo1980 »

Hello all.

I want to make several install programs. It's simply copying files from the installer to a pre existing directory in <MyDocuments>


Inside this pre existing directory, there are a few other directories, and files.

I can have the files I need install just fine, unless I do more than one installer.
What's happening is each of the installers have SOME the same files in them. We have more than one installer because some people want to just install A, and some just want to install B, but some will want to install A and then later B, as they sometimes are only interested in the use of the contents of A and B, but, again, A and B do have some of the exact same files they share.

So, when I installed from installer A, it works just fine. When I then attempt to install with installer B, the files that are new to the directories go in, but I get the following error once I hit the same files, share between them, and I'm asked to Abort, Retry or Ignore.

Error creating file:

Access is denied.

Am I missing something when compiling these files?

Using the Free version.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Error creating file - Access is Denied

Post by Leo »


Make sure the files are not in use.
Also, Windows may block files from User's Document folder to be overwritten: ... 0fe8c0f9b1

We recommend to not store files in User's Document folder. You can use AppData folder.
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