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User Information / Custom Components / Update Check

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I really find this software very awesome and it has a lot of features but a few features in which i am really confused are below, can you please let me know if these features are present in your software or not,

Q1. [Interface > User Information]
A text field appears to set a specific password and this password will be required to enter during uninstallation. (OR)
Requires password/serial also during uninstallation.

By the way, the data entered in the User Name / Company / Custom Field / Serial (if empty) fields, will be stored where? This will be good if the data will be stored somewhere secrete place (registry / any deep Local Disk (C:) Location).

Q2. [Interface > Custom]
A list of 2 components appears,
1. For adding data to the registry.
2. For running a specific .exe file. This exe file will be placed in <SetupTempDir> and will be deleted at the setup exit through [System > Commands].

Q3. [Installation > Update]
Setup first checks (Just on open / Before any commands, etc) update.txt file online for any newer version, if there is any newer version available, the setup does not continue (block installation) and shows the user that the newer version is available.
Definitely internet connection will be required to run the setup will also be checked in AI.

Can you please make sure that these features are present in your software or not, or any alternative to these, if not present?
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Re: User Information / Custom Components / Update Check

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1. Query a password is supported only during installation. The password/serial number provided by the user is stored in the variable <QueryKey> .
You can save it in the Registry by adding this variable as a registry data.

2. You can do this by using the Components feature:

3. Use the "Check for updates before installation" option on the Installation / Update page.
add parameters (on the page Installation / Advanced): -waitforupdate -haltonnewversion
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