Help \ Additional Setup Settings

Use the following parameters in the Additional Parameters field (page "Installation / Advanced"):

-nosilent By default, app can be installed in the Silent Mode (using switch /S). Add this parameter to not allow Silent Installation
-silentuninst If the installation uses the silent mode, then the Uninstallation also will have the Silent Mode
-nosamefont When using custom font (for Modern interface), the Options and License Agreement dialogs have same font as the Main dialog. Add this parameter to use default font (Verdana)
-padmin Launch prerequisite link as administrator;
-useappver By default, in the Programs and Features list (Control Panel), the app is displayed without version. Add this to display with app version. Note: When using the option "Allow Multiple Versions", the app is always displayed with version
-defdir Variables <AppData> and <MyDocuments> return paths of a user who launched the setup program. To get paths for a user after elevation (e.g. for administrator), add this parameter
-exitcodeun - add this to replace <ExitCode> variable (for timings at Uninstallation) with actual values (during installation)
-nochecksize - add this to not check the available free size on the disk for installation;
-silentinstalluserinfo - if the User Information dialog is selected (page Interface), then the installation fails in the silent mode, by default. Add this parameter to allow installation
-extravardef - if command-line parameter /X is not specified, then the variable <ExtraVar> contains text from the setup file name (from symbol "_" to ".exe"), by default. Add this parameter to not read this text
-inversecheckbox - for the Custom CheckBox if value is 1, it is checked. Add this parameter to make it unchecked
-nomodifydate - by default, modified date is set to the original file date. add this to not change it (install date will be used)
-hideprint - add this to hide the Print label on the License Agreement page
-hidelng - (for Modern Interface only, if multi language setup used) - this hides the Language select button
-nosublng - do not use multilanguage text
-getasstr - for "System / Variables" - read value (DWORD, Int64, Binary) as string
-largetext - for Modern Interface - set width of Title to 95%, default is 80%