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Actual Installer Help \ Additional Parameters


Use the following parameters in the Additional Parameters field (page "Installation / Advanced"):

-padmin Launch prerequisite link as administrator;
-useappver By default, in the Programs and Features list (Control Panel), the app is displayed without version. Add this to display with app version. When using the option "Allow Multiple Versions", the app is displayed with version.
-defdir Variables <AppData> and <MyDocuments> return values of a user who launched the setup program. To get values for a user (after elevation, e.g. for administrator), add this parameter;
-exitcodeun - add this to replace <ExitCode> variable (for timings at Uninstallation) with actual values (during installation);
-nochecksize - add this to not check the available free size on the disk for installation;
-silentinstalluserinfo - if the User Information dialog is selected (page Interface), then the installation fails in the silent mode, by default. Add this parameter to allow installation;
-extravardef - if command-line parameter /X is not specified, then the variable <ExtraVar> contains text from the setup file name (from symbol "_" to ".exe"), by default. Add this parameter to not read this text;