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When using custsom variables on the System \ Variables page and it fails to retrieve the value (eg. Registry key or value does not exist) you can show a custom message to user or terminate the installation process.

To show a message, in the Default Data field type: MSG(your message)[x]

x - it's a default data that will be assigned to the variable.

To terminate the installation, in the Default Data field type: HALT(your message)

Function to extract a directory from a file path: GETDIRX[path]
Case sensitive. Examples:

GETDIRX[C:\Folder\File.exe]		returns C:\Folder
GETDIRX[<SetupExe>] 		returns a directory where the setup file is located

Function to extract a file name of the file path: GETNAMEX[path]
Case sensitive. Examples:

GETNAMEX[C:\Folder\File.exe]		returns File.exe

Function to extract version number (in format X.X.X.X) from a string: GETVERX[text]
Case sensitive. Examples:

GETVERX[v14.1]		returns

To get the max version number (as a subkey name) from a registry key, in the Registry Value field type GETMAXREGKEY.
to get the max version number (v4.0.30319) from the following registry key, use these settings:

Variable Name	<MyVar1> //or any other
Bitness		Default
Registry Key	HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework
Value Type	STRING
Default Data	0
Variable <MyVar1> will contain v4.0.30319

To increase the required free space for the product installation, name the variable <ExtraDataFileSize> and in the Default Data field type the required additional amount (in bytes).

When using the page "Interface \ User Information" it is possible to set default values for the fields: User Name, Company Name, and Custom Field. Just add the following variable in the System \ Variables page: <UserNameVar>, <CompanyNameVar>, <CustomUserInfoVar>