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Actual Installer 6.7 Release

Actual Installer version 6.7 was released on April 12, 2017.

What's new:


  • Function to extract directory from path: GETDIRX[path]. Supports variables. Case sensitive. Examples:
    GETDIRX[C:\Folder\File.exe] returns C:\Folder
  • Option 32-bit only for Operating System Requirements;
  • Option Run as administrator for Modern Theme. Beta feature. When using this feature the setup program loses command-line parameters (except '/S');
  • Ability to use Downloader for Actual Updater tool.


  • Bug with deleting SetupTempDir: while using an option "Check for updates before installation" the file Updater.exe may stay running because of long checking the internet connection/or update website;
  • Little bug with variables provided by user, that are used in Installation Directory;
  • Other little bugs;
  • Improved functionality.

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