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Actual Installer 7.0 Release

Actual Installer version 7.0 was released on September 01, 2018.

What's new:


  • New option for "Install Product for" feature: Ask User;
  • RollBack feature - if user cancels the installation then setup will remove all created files and folders;
  • Condition for Commands: IF <var1>=<var2> then show message or halt the installation;
  • Advanced option: Show Custom CheckBox - performs additional task during the installation;
  • Advanced option: Disable Installation Folder changing;
  • Advanced option: Alternative Destination Directory;
  • Advanced option: Image Settings - sets setup logo properties: AutoSize, Transparent, Stretch, Proportional;
  • Advanced option: Uninstaller file name;
  • Function for Uninstaller: Close Running Application before uninstalling;
  • New Timing for Commands: "Start Uninstallation" - execute a command before asking a user to uninstall the app;
  • Option to sign files Uninstall.exe, Updater.exe, Downloadre.exe;
  • Uninstall complete message is now shows on TOP;
  • Ability to use multilanguage text in Installation \ Custom CheckBox and Finish \ Custom Action Name;
  • Function to extract file name from path: GETNAMEX[path]. Supports variables. Case sensitive. Examples:
    GETNAMEX[C:\Folder\File.exe] returns File.exe
  • Function to extract correct version number from a string: GETVERX[string]
  • Function for Variables: GETMAXREGKEY - get max version of subkey from a reg key;
  • Modern interface for Select Installation Directory dialog;
  • Menu Tools \ Open Registry Editor;
  • Ability to use custom font settings;
  • If some file from SetupTempDir was launched during installation and it remain running after installation, then setup will add a command to Registry RunOnce section to remove SetupTempDir after restarting the system;
  • Actual Updater 3.3 - added feature (beta) "Automatically check for updates on Main Executable Launch".


  • Bug with skipping empty folders from Source Directory;
  • Bug with Modern theme on display scaled more than 100%;
  • Little bug with Prerequisites - if no Command specified then remove text "Would you like to install it now?";
  • Improved Uninstaller - if some files left unremoved during uninstallation then show message "Unable to remove files";
  • Improved functionality;
  • Other little bugs.

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