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Actual Installer 7.1 Release

Actual Installer version 7.1 was released on November 07, 2018.

What's new:


  • New feature for Requirements: Close Running Application #2;
  • Improved the Commands dialog - resizable window; added <WindowsDir>\sysnative\cmd.exe for using 64-bit cmd.exe;
  • Improved feature Uninstall previous version before installation - run uninstaller with admin rights;
  • Improved Modern theme: the Install button is disabled until Requirements and Prerequisites are passed;
  • Improved Modern theme: the Launch AppName button is now WordWrap - if long appname is used it gets cutted;
  • Ability to use icon file for the product icon in Programs and Features list (if Main Executable is not specified);
  • Ability to use Multilanguage text in the "Product Description" field. Example: This program is for Windows#German[Dieses Programm ist für Windows]French[Ce programme est pour Windows].


  • Bug with Additional Prerequisites when checking 64-bit Registry Key;
  • Bug with AppData folder in Modern theme - when launching setup file from non-admin user for installing to All Users, <AppData> returned admin's AppData folder;
  • Bug with launching Registry Editor on 64-bit Windows - now it launches the 64-bit version of Regedit.exe, instead of 32-bit version;
  • Typo in the File Options dialog.

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