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Actual Installer 7.2 Release

Actual Installer version 7.2 was released on February 18, 2019.

What's new:


  • Required OS: Windows Server 2019;
  • Prerequisites: Adobe Reader DC 2018, DC 2019;
  • New option for INI Files - "Skip if INI file does not exist";
  • Feature to automatically create a path folder for INI file which doesn't exist;
  • Variables <WinVerMaj>, <WinVerMin>, <WinVerBuild>, <WinVerServer>;
  • Prompt to close Main Executable (if it's running) when using the option "Silently uninstall previous version";
  • Command-line parameter for actinst.exe: /W - saves the project file if the Get Product Version from Main Executable option is checked and Product Version is changed (works in the silent mode only, switch /S). Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Actual Installer\actinst.exe" /w /s "C:\New Product.aip";
  • Commands: Ability to show a message to the user and then launch a file:
    File: IFMSG(message)
    Parameters: specify file to execute
  • Variables: Specify the default data when using MSG or HALT functions MSG(message)[DefaultData];
  • Menu "Tools \ Font" - for installing and registering font files.
  • Modern theme: press Ctrl+O to open the Options window;
  • Modern theme: added flags for Polish, Hindi languages;


  • Bug when using an updater with the Classic Wizard theme - not all messages use language strings;
  • Bug with reversing the "Unregister on uninstall" option of the Register \ Others settings;
  • Little bug when using a custom font on the Classic Wizard theme - not all components use the new font;
  • Little bug with uninstaller: cannot create a file "AUCommand.bat".

Actual Updater 3.4:

  • Added a feature to send parameters to the New Version URL. Supports variables and read Registry data. Example: &x=GETREGVAL[HKCU\Software\New Product\Version]&z=<AppName>

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