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Actual Installer 7.4 Release

Actual Installer version 7.4 was released on July 07, 2019.

What's new:


  • Prerequisites: .NET Framework 4.8, Java 12, C++ 2019;
  • Improved file management: multi select for installation files; checking if files already exist in the project when adding new files; show Modified date in the Edit dialog;
  • Ability to check for duplicate files and remove them - menu "Project \ Check for duplicate files";
  • Ability to restore files (from Source Directory) that were removed from the project;
  • Variables: <Admin> - if the setup program is launched with administrator rights, variable contains 1, otherwise 0; <AllUsers> - if the setup program is set to install for All Users, variable contains 1, otherwise 0;
  • Command to set current directory: SetCurrentDir;
  • Ability to set default index for the Custom ComobBox option. If not specified then user must select it before installation.


  • Bug with adding folder with option "Iclude folder name";
  • Bug with adding empty folder from disk root;
  • Little bug with message (non English) prompting to uninstall currently installed version;
  • Little bug with the "Drag & Drop" feature;
  • Little bug for modern theme: Finish - first execute CustomAction, then Launch Application.

Actual Downloader 1.8:

  • Ability to change the program title via command-line: /N Text, and via Actual Updater setting "Use AppName as Updater Title".

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