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Actual Installer 7.5 Release

Actual Installer version 7.5 was released on October 15, 2019.

What's new:


  • New features of Actual Updater Pro 4.1 - "Use Smart Notification", "Allow users to change the frequiency for updates";
  • File option "Do not show files tree view" - recommended for applications containing more than 10000 files;
  • Options for the feature "Get Product Version from Main Executable" - "Set Automatically" and "Use File Version";
  • Ability to specify non-direct files for Data File - Package type "Setup EXE + Data (download from Web)", e.g.;
  • Ability to change File Version strings - Description and Copyright. See file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Actual Installer\Data\version.ini";
  • Ability to specify any file as Main Executable;
  • Little improvement: Actual Installer loads faster;
  • Little improvement: Compress Engine File - UPX dialog is hidden.


  • Bug with updating File Version resource - "Possibly corrupt version resource";
  • Little bug with Updater: the "Options" dialog is not translated.

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