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Actual Installer 8.0 Release

Actual Installer version 8.0 was released on May 10, 2020.

What's new:


  • Wizard;
  • Project and setup files are saved by default into User's Documents\Actual Installer folder;
  • Prerequisites: Multiple Conditions; Conditions "Variable Contains" and "Variable doesn't contain"; Show custom message (in Command type MSG(text)); Commands for different languages; Option "Skip if failed to install"; Ability to specify bitness of Registry: add 32 or 64 before Regsitry Key (e.g. 64HKLM\Software). Note: Additional Prerequisites saved in Actual Installer 8.0, won't be loaded in previous versions;
  • Uninstaller: delete empty install folder if the uninstall.exe is launched directly from the install folder; if some files unable to delete, the uninstaller will prompt to delete them after a restart; fixed a bug with freezing while unregistering fonts; ability to specify the uninstaller config file (Uninstall.exe /I "path to Uninstall.ini"); ability to launch the Uninstall.exe as administrator ( command line /RUNAS).


  • Template Editor for the Modern interface (this feature requires the Pro+ edition);
  • Feature "Select Components" (this feature requires the Pro+ edition);
  • Prerequisite: Adobe Acrobat Reader 2020;
  • Feature "Allow Multi Versions" - this allows different versions of the application to be installed on the user's computer;
  • Ability to disable / enable WOW64 Redirection using Commands: in the File field type WOW64OFF to turn off the WOW64 Redirection; type WOW64ON to turn on. More information;
  • Ability to read all custom vaiables again using Commands: Add GETVARIABLES in the File field;
  • Support for multi language text in the fields Product Description, Website, Support Page. Example for description: This program is for Windows#German[Dieses Programm ist für Windows]French[Ce programme est pour Windows];
  • Option "Allow install if there is no required free space";
  • Menu "Tools \ Open AppData Folder, Open Actual Installer Projects Folder";
  • Support for new Actual Updater options: Additional Updater Parameters, Use Smart Notification;
  • Ability to use variable in the Custom ComboBox \ Default index;
  • Ability to set the state for the Custom CheckBox using variable <SetCustomCheckBox>: if this variable is read succesfully, then the check box is not checked. If not, in the Default Data type YES so the checkbox is checked.


  • Bug with freezing while font registration;
  • Prerequisites: bug when variable with quotes is used for condition "File Version Greate/Less or Equale" - if there are quotes in file/folder name it fails;
  • Prerequisites: bug with condition "File Version Greate/Less or Equale" - if file doesn't exist condition succeeded.

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