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Actual Installer 8.1 Release

Actual Installer version 8.1 was released on December 09, 2020.

What's new:


  • Interface Enhancements;
  • Press Ctrl + L to open License Agreement in Modern interface;
  • Check if Product Name doesn't contain forbidden characters in Windows \ / : * ? " < > | (to avoid issues with creating files/folders that contain Product Name);
  • Add text admin to the file name of setup program to launch it as administrator;
  • If it fails to create Registry Key or Value,the user will be asked to not proceed with other registry entries;
  • Uninstaller: when reinstalling, Uninstall.exe is launched with /R switch (do not use option "Complete Uninstallation" and "Prompt to remove product setting data").


  • Additional Parameters for installation;
  • Prerequisites: JRE 15, .NET 5, ASP.NET Core (in predefined Additional Prerequisites);
  • New options for feature "If Previous Version is Installed": Uninstall, Uninstall Silently, Overwrite, Allow Multiple Versions, Ask User;
  • Ability to read max registry value from Registry Key into a variable. Use GETMAXREGVAL;
  • Switch /CU to set the installation for "Current User only" when using Ask User for feature "Install Product for";
  • Registry Root Key HKEY_DEFAULT (or short HKDE). If the installation is for Current User only, then this key is replaced with HKEY_CURRENT_USER, if for All Users, then HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE;
  • Option "Allow install if failed to install prerequisites";
  • Option Set Current Dir for Launch Application after installation (page Interface / Finish);
  • Support for new Actual Updater 4.4 options;
  • Variables <AppData> and <MyDocuments> return values of a user who launched the setup program. To get values for a user (after elevation, e.g. for administrator), add parameter -defdir


  • Bug with removing registry key if its registry value is set to "Not remove on uninstall";
  • Little bug: do not check for Updates Before Installation, if Silent mode is used;
  • Little bug: in Variables, unable specify a variable in the Default Data field with DWORD type.

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