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Actual Installer 8.2 Release

Actual Installer version 8.2 was released on February 12, 2021.

What's new:


  • Dialog "User Information" is moved to the Options dialog (Modern Interface);
  • Removed the License Agreement and Readme pages in the Project Manager. Fields that support Multi Lingual Text are now used;
  • If the Setup Folder Output is empty then the Project Folder is used;
  • SetCurrentDir: if a folder is specified in quotes (in the Parameters field), then remove quotes;
  • Little interface enhancements.


  • Ability to use relative paths for files and folders in the project manager. For the current dir is used the project folder (folder where the project file '.aip' is located);
  • Variables to use in the Project Manager: <AIDir> (returns a path of the Actual Installer folder), <FORMATDATE>, <YEAR>, <YEARSHORT>, <MONTH>, <DAY>;
  • Ability to use Environment Variables in the fields App Name, App Version, App Description, Setup Folder, Setup File name;
  • Ability to use MultiLanguage Text in the fields: App Name, App Version, App Description, Company Name, WebSite, Support Link;
  • Common Options in the Options dialog, if selected, the project options are saved in the Registry and apply to all projects. If not, the options are saved in the project file and apply to the current project only;
  • Option "Encrypt Sensitive Data" - encrypt strings Command and Conditions (Additional Prerequisites) and File and Parameters (System / Commands);
  • Additional Parameters for installation: -exitcodeun, -nochecksize, -silentinstalluserinfo, -extravardef;
  • Menu "Tools \ "Open Environment Variables dialog" and "Project \ Open Project Folder";
  • RootKey HKEY_DEFAULT (or short HKDE) in System / Variables: if the installation is for the Current User Only, then used HKEY_CURRENT_USER; if for All Users, then HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.


  • Bug "List index out of bounds" when using the command GETVARIABES;
  • Bug with removing multiple files from the Source Directory in the Project manager;
  • Bug with displaying duplicate folders in the Files and Folders tree view (if specified with Upper and lower case names).

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