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Actual Installer 8.3 Release

Actual Installer version 8.3 was released on July 10, 2021.

What's new:


  • Default font for setup programs is Verdana. Previously was Tahoma. Compare;
  • When using custom font (for Modern interface), the Options and License Agreement dialogs have same font as the Main dialog. Can be disabled with parameter -nosamefont).


  • Prerequisites: .NET 6, Adobe Acrobat Reader 2021, Java 16;
  • Feature "Clear the Recent Projects list" in the Options dialog;
  • Option for Custom ComboBox - "Disable on Upgrade";
  • Ability to disable Custom CheckBox and Custom ComboBox: add variables <EnableCheckBox> and <EnableComboBox> (respectively). The Default Data leave empty;
  • Commands to register and unregister font: REGFONT and UNREGFONT;
  • Ability to select file at startup via Variables: SELECTFILE;
  • Variable: <UPGRADE> if install mode is Upgade or the Option "If Previous Version is Installed" is set to Overwrite, this variable contains 1, otherwise 0;
  • Additional Parameters for installation: -nosilent, -nosamefont, -inversecheckbox.


  • Bug with freezing AI when processing non existence Environment Variables in project settings;
  • Little bug with moving/rearranging items in the Commands and Prerequisites lists by using Up/Down buttons;
  • Little bugs in the Template Editor (when specifying custom font file, preview mode);
  • Little bug with signing files "Uninstaller.exe, Updater.exe, Downloader.exe" when variable <SETUPEXE> is not specified.

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