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Actual Installer 8.4 Release

Actual Installer version 8.4 was released on September 18, 2021.

What's new:


  • Files Management: File Options take effect after click OK, and restore previous settings if click Cancel (no need to reload the project);
  • Before saving the project file, a backup is created (extension .backup), so it can be restored if the save is failed. If the save is successful, then the backup is removed;
  • Other little enchantments.


  • Ability to sign files from the context menu of the Installation Files section (menu "Sign...");
  • Ability to update/refresh the Installation Files section (menu "Refresh"). To see changes in SourceDir (no need to reload the project);
  • Options for Template Editor: Header Width and Text Width;
  • Ability to use Updater without Uninstaller;
  • Feature "Clear the Recent Projects list" in the Options dialog;
  • Ability to ask the user to select folder or file at startup via Variables: <SELECTDIR>, <SELECTDIRASK>, <SELECTFILEASK>;
  • Ability to rearrange variables on the System / Variables page;
  • Additional Parameters for installation: -nomodifydate, -hideprint, -regskippedfiles, -compluninst, -hidelng.


  • Bug with displaying product details that contain an ampersand symbol (&);
  • Bugs with the project folder name and the Version Info resource if multilanguage text are used in AppName, AppVersion, CompanyName;
  • Bug with processing files without extension (files are not added to the project if used the options "Skip files with extensions");
  • Bug with fitting text in Modern Interface for Russian language.

Includes new versions of Actual Updater 4.6 and Actual Downloader 3.0

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