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Actual Installer 9.0 Release

Actual Installer version 9.0 was released on February 26, 2022.

What's new:


  • Support for high-DPI screens in Actual Installer (now it doesn't look blurry on scaled screens);
  • New toolbar icons; New icons for Downloader and Uninstaller;
  • Setup shows text "Please wait" while installing prerequisites, executing commands (Before Installation), uninstalling previous version, or checking for updates (Before Installation). To hide this text, add parameter -notextwait;
  • Modern Interface - Default width of HeaderText is now 90% (was 80%);
  • Show Size of Setup File in the Project Information dialog;
  • Ability to specify names for the components "Text Field" and "Serial Numbers" (now "Keys") on the Additional Information page;
  • Option "Hide other languages if Auto Detected" on the Languages page;
  • Check if setup file is not created in "Source Directory";
  • Variable <Bitness> - if Windows is 64-bit, this variable contains "64", if 32-bit - "86";
  • Additional Parameters: -logocenter (Modern Interface: if used Custom Image Settings, this will center logo); -nocmdsilent (if Silent Mode, by default, Commands are executed with flag SW_HIDE; add this parameter to use SW_NORMAL); -nocmdprocess (do not extract file and parameters from command in Prerequisites Link and Finish\Launch).


  • Bug with removing files and folders from Source Directory;
  • Bug with creating setup file in the root drive;
  • Bug - Product Version containing Envronment Variables is not replaced with actual values for the option "Check for Updates Before Installation";
  • Little bug when Updater is used without Uninstaller.


  • Files Management - ability to edit multiple files (from Source Directory and Additional Files);
  • Page "Interface \ User Information" is now called "Additional Information". Field "User Name" changed to "Text Field", "Serial Numbers" changed to "Keys", Field "Company Name" removed. Ability to change names for these fields. New variables for these fields: <QueryText>, <QueryCustom>, <QueryKey>. Old variable names for these fields still can be used. Options "Hide on Update" and "Hide if Key found in Registry";
  • If "Main Executable" is not specified, then shortcuts with target <MainExecutable> will not be created;
  • Method for setting default states for Custom CheckBox, Custom ComboBox;
  • Check for Duplicate Files
  • Other little enchantments.

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