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Softeza Development Releases Actual Installer 4.0

February 16, 2012

Innovative software developer launches latest version of its installation wizard maker allowing greater customization of the wizardís features.

Softeza Developmentís goal is to make life easier for computer programmers and aspiring young program developers. Since 2004, the company has released several revolutionary products, including Actual Installer, 1Click Uninstaller, and Max Data Recovery. This latest release of Actual Installer, version 4.0, makes package installation setup fun, simple and less time consuming.

Professional developers and aspiring programmers familiar with installer packages and program creation will find the newest version a welcome change. Actual Installer 4.0 helps developers and programmers create reliable, professional installation packages that every Windows user can follow. This software installer solution works well with all versions of Windows and is extremely easy to use.

Version 4.0 allows developers to customize the set up wizard for each software installation. Set up wizards can be made simpler or more complex through simple adjustments from the advanced options. These advanced options include the insertion of Read me files or end user license agreements.

The programís design makes it simple to navigate. The standard options for set up file creation are located inside the control panel. The options are easily identifiable and organized by their function and processes under group tabs. The installation dialog is readily accessible from the left menu.

There are new features specific to this software release. Actual Installer 4.0 answers the call from developers for UNC path support. It also helps to associate ďaipĒ files with previous versions of Actual Installer.

Pricing and Licensing

Limited capability trial versions of Actual Installer 4.0 can be downloaded at Full licenses are available for Single Developers as well as for Companies. A single Developer License is for an independent software developer. A Company license is for a group or team of developers preparing product installation packages. Special discounts and product offers are available. Contact Softeza Development or visit their website for more product and discount information.

About Softeza Development

Softeza Development is composed of dynamic and creative IT professionals dedicated to developing creativity, innovation and technological advancement with a minimal learning curve. The company specializes in software installation solutions and other resources for professional software developers.

Contact Information

Contact: Ruslan Kamalov, CEO
Company: Softeza Development
Company Website:
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