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Actual Installer 2.4’ Functionality Allows Software Developers to Create Better Installation Experience for End Users

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November 14, 2006

Press Contact:
Ruslan Kamalov
Softeza Development
Chief Executive Officer

SOFTEZA DEVELOPMENT has announced Actual Installer 2.4, a tool that enables developers to create the highest-quality installation packages. Priced at $69.95, Actual Installer offers a wizard-style interface that enables you to quickly and easily customize any part of your installation, including the user-dialog sequence, and even uninstallation. Customization is simple. All you need is to type in your content into the forms, add documents for end users to read and click ‘Build’. Actual Installer 2.4 comes with several new features that give more control over the installation process for creating a better end-user experience.

Actual Installer 2.4 has new Wizard and Header bitmaps that allow you to give a modern, solid look to the installation package. It is crucial for giving a professional image to a software product and boosting customer confidence. There has been added an ability to execute various system commands before and after the installation. New to this release is an ‘Execute before uninstallation’ feature to allow developers to specify a command that’ll be executed before uninstallation. Other novelties include an ability to import registry keys from the .reg files and an added ‘User Information’ dialog that allows adding checkboxes (user name, user company, serial, etc), which specify what information to query on the User Information dialog.

Actual Installer at a Glance

The feature set in Actual Installer has been carefully chosen to meet every possible requirement developers may have for their installation packages. The program offers such advanced capabilities as multilingual installations, registry and INI files modification, checking the system specifications for their compliance with the program’s requirements, setting file associations, registering fonts and ActiveX components. These and many other features are delivered in an intuitive, user-friendly interface that can be used without a manual. For its total simplicity, Actual Installer is great for first-time developers. However it can be used by power users too, as its depth and flexibility is ideal for developing complex software installations.

“Among all of the installation packaging software our company tried, Actual Installer stood out as being the most straight-forward, compact, and absolutely the easiest application to use,” says Don Sievert, Legion LTD. “The instruction set is clearly written; the documentation is easy to understand. After trying numerous other applications and subsequently drowning in poorly written instructions for kludged GUI windows, we had nearly decided to outsource. But thankfully we tried just one more package. Actual Installer was everything we needed.”

Actual Installer turns the preparation of software installations into a fun ride!

Pricing and Availability

Actual Installer 2.4 runs under all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Vista and costs $69.95 (US) for a single-user license. Licensed users are entitled to the fully-functional copy of the software, an opportunity to distribute the setup programs created with Actual Installer, and upgrades free of charge for 12 months from the date of purchase. Further information on the product, as well as its free, 30-day evaluation copy is available from

About Softeza Development

Founded in 2004 by Ruslan Kamalov, Softeza Development is a technology company focused on the development of software installation solutions for Windows. Softeza’s premier product, Actual Installer, has hundreds users worldwide and received top ratings in the ‘Management Tools & Editors’ category from CNET ( For more information, please visit


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Actual Installer
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What Customers Say...
“Actual installer is one of most helpful program I've encounter so far. It's easy to manage and simple. One add that I would like to suggest is being able to change the icon of the application (the default one). This Ad would make this program number one.”
John Knievez