actual installer

Actual Installer Help \ Custom Variables


Actual Installer allows your to write data to Registry (page System \ Registry), and to read data from Registry (values are saved into custom variables).

On the System \ Variables page you can specify custom variables for using during the installation process. Values are retrieved from the Registry at the setup beginning.


The name of the variable. Must be surrounded by symbols < and >


Registry Bitness

The bitness of the Windows Registry. It is recommended to set it to Default.

Registry Key

The path to the registry key. Short paths are supported. If this field is empty, then Default Data will be assigned to the variable.


Registry Value

The name of the registry value. To read Default value leave this field blank.


Value Type

The type of the registry value.


Default Data

If the registry key or value doesn't exist, this data will be assigned to the variable.

Also it is possible to show some message or terminate the installation process when the registry key or value doesn't exist. Read more...