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Actual Installer is an outstanding installation tool that enables the user to create performable software with ease and accuracy. This program manages to accomplish even the higher standards of any developer. Try it now for free!

One of the most difficult things for a developer is to find a tool that can accurately create installer executable files. In times when the market offers few products that can do this in a professional way, Actual Installer comes to save your time and money by providing a fast and easy way of creating software installers.

Actual Installer was build as a sequence of fields that leads the user through a series of information that have to be completed for the assembling process. The files are brought together after the user attaches the files that have to be included in the final product. Actual Installer features a user-friendly interface, which makes it eligible for both beginner and experimented user.

A developer can include in his project basic information such as product name, product version, company name, website, support link, shortcut or requirements. These fields are fully customizable, allowing the user a flexible way to design a branded application. Add and edit the commands, variables, INI files, registries and shortcuts that will validate the quality of your installer.

This utility creates even uninstallers for your program, lets you choose the upgrade method, set the file associations and environment variables. The silent installation mode is a great way to provide the end user with a fast method of install. Instead of generating multiple dialogs, your software will install without an interface.

If you want to decrease the size of your software, use Actual Installer's integrated compression method that lets you choose the size of your installer. After that, it compiles in short time all the information found in the root folder, generating a fully functional executable file. The result of the assembling process can be burnt on a CD/DVD, directly from Actual Installer's interface.

This application works even on the most penurious systems, requiring a memory of only 64 Mb RAM and 20 MB free disk space. Its developers generously offer 30 days of trial use, with the chance of purchasing a license for an affordable price.

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