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handiest setup creatro award

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handiest setup creatro award


“I wanted to create a cool installer for my software and I tried some install creators but they didn't have the features that I wanted. Finally I've found Actual Installer. I was impressed when I started it. It's easy to configure and it has many options. Also it uses a very good compression algorithm. Those who has limited webspace (such as me) can save space and also you can include licence from a file so you don't need to type it. I think it's the best installation software for this work. I prefer it to small and big solutions.”
Istvan Urban
“When I was about to release my program, I reloaded my old NSIS setup, but also tried to search for alternatives because I wanted to spend time on my application code instead of the installer one. I didn't found any that was doing the job easily and properly with in a decent price range. I decided to continue with NSIS. A few people started to have installations errors because I did some mistakes in the installer code. Running out of time to fix the installer script, I searched again, found Actual Installer, checked the priced, downloaded a demo. Five minutes later my new installer was up and running, ten minutes later I was a customer. Simple, fast and efficient. Thanks guys!”
Thomas Mansencal, HDRLabs
Easy to use. Good value. Great GUI interface.
Actual Installer has an easy to use installation GUI, produces a clean looking setup programs, easy Windows registry editing, striaght-forward shortcuts, and many constants. The greatest feature is the simple effective process of creating an installation package. A great value for the features that come in it! I'm a satisfied customer!”
Robert Molnar II
“I’ve been using the same installer for 15 years, the company has sold out and the support for the software is gone. Be that as it may it has worked for me without fail - until the 1st service pack for Vista and now it’s dead. I’ve worked for over 10 hours trying to find a work around without success.
Then I came across Actual Installer on a search engine. WHAT A GEM! I downloaded the trial version and recreated my first install in about 10 minutes VERY INTUITIVE. I couldn’t buy it fast enough! I needed 4 installation programs fast (read today) and completed the last one in well less than a hour. I sure wish I’d given up 9 hours ago and bought your software.
The file picker dialog box is excellent.
Keep up the good work.”
Gary Johansen
“This is an absolutely great product you can be proud of as a developer. Within one hour I was able to replace my existing Installshield Professional Radio System Setup. Actual Installer 6.7 does not leave anything to be desired and is very simple to operate. Thanks!”
Peter, Switzerland
“Actual Installer is a great and very easy to learn setup builder for Windows. It is quick, nice, reliable and useful tool to create install packages. I have tried out Actual Installer and it looks very good. Thanks for making my job easier!”
Vlamo, Czech Republic
“We really like your product. It is the easiest and most professional of all that we have used.”
Frank Vickers
“First, best regards! I find your installation software and try it and I must say really nice program.”
Rudy Kadlec
“Congratulations for Actual Installer, it's a great and simple solutions for distribute applications. I'm trying a demo version 2.2 and I hope register as soon. I have translated Setup Install to Portuguese Brazil language, and...”
Adenilton Rodrigues, From Brazil
“We was looking for options how to make an installer package for our project, Actual Installer made this process very easy and fast. To create professional looking install program is matter of few minutes. Thanks for great job.”
Vladimir Strycek, Lead Programer, Banco Data s.r.o
“For my website I created a chat-program, and I was looking for a good and professional looking installer. I've tried a few programs to create an installation package, but none was as easy and clear as Actual Installer. The opportunity to save a project and edit it when you have a newer version is very useful. Because my website and programs are in Dutch, I also wanted my install package in my language. That translation wasn't available yet, but with Actual Installer it was easy to create one. Thanks for this fantastic software!”
Johan Montenij, Netherlands
“I'm very impressed with the Actual Installer product. It includes a lot of functionality at a reasonable price.”
Fritz Switzer, The Ablet Factory
“Actual installer is one of most helpful program I've encounter so far. It's easy to manage and simple. One add that I would like to suggest is being able to change the icon of the application (the default one). This Ad would make this program number one.”
John Knievez
“I downloaded the trial and Actual Installer looks like a great tool. We will purchase it very soon. Thanks!”
Mark Shuff
“I just purchased your program. I really like the simplicity. One quick question...”
Drew Whitehead
“I am very interested in your product and I am running the trial version. It's very easy to use -- love that! I am comparing with ...”
Tom Bodine
“Just wanted to let you know that I've been using your program over Install***, and it's GREAT!!! Thank you so much for saving me so much time, energy, and money!”
Jason Luban
“I have downloaded and tested Actual Installer ver 2.4. This is a very good and easy application for making fast installation sets!”
Eigil Olsen
“Thank you for the prompt reply. I would also like to commend you on a great product. It is a great value for the money and it does everything it's supposed to do. Thanks again!”
Mike Piontek
“I downloaded the trial version of Actual Installer and the program is very intuitive to use and seems to fit perfectly for my needs.”
Matthias Machnik
“Actual Installer looks very easy, I was using PC-Install for the past 10 years. By the way, your website is one of the best that I have seen, excellent info + simple financial transaction.”
Peter Shaw
“I have purchased a license for ActualInstaller and find it nice and simple to use.”
Paul Belosev, Expert Systems
“I bought Actual Installer in September to replace Install***. It has proven to be easy to use and entirely stable, a much welcomed feature for us as a small developer. Frankly, I can't be bothered to learn "another" complicated installer development environment, and Actual fits perfectly. The AutoUpdater in v4.5 downloaded yesterday is fabulous, and I'm looking forward to using it soon.”
Dave Markham, Omega Systems
“I have been trying out several different installers after finding the Visual Studio solution so poor - and so far your product has been the easiest to use and has produced installers that do exactly what I needed.”
Darren Rose
“I love your software so much! It works so well and is easy to use! All of the other software out there is hard to use. This one is great, it even makes the shortcuts for you!”
David D.
“Actuall Installer Pro is a fantastic program and I appreciate all of the upgrades you make in the product.”
Scott D.
“As a beginning programmer who has recently created his first-ever program for windows, I need to make an installer for it. Actual Installer seems the only installer-creator that I can fully understand .. so, THANKYOU. I like Actual Installer. Nice and simple”
Kevin P.
“Very long time I search an Installer with possible Internet or Web Installer. Every Software with this feature are very expensive and I can't buy. You make a dream true. This Feature and a very very nice Price. Thank you so much for this Offer of the Pro Edition.”
Christian S.
“I purchased the Pro version yesterday. You have created a fantastic product and it was exactly what I have been searching for. Good documentation, easy to use and everything required for advanced use!”
Berth-Olof B.
“I use a product named Actual Installer ( It allows you to set icons, etc for installation. For my Desktop Runtime applications, I store a full copy of the Runtime on MY server and the Actual Installer routine knows to go grab that and download (so I do not have to include that huge file in my application download). I heard also this is a good app for desirable customization.”
Steve W.

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