Going Pro

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Going Pro

Post by rstuppi »

We are conisdering going Pro and would like to ask questions regarding installation requirements and if the Pro version would satisfy them. Our target is Windows 10 64bit.

1. We would like to add a folder hierarchy into the installation package and transfer it onto the target upon initial installation. One folder in the hierarchy will be empty while the others will contain simple text files. We would like to create the hierarchy in C:\ProgramData\. Subsequent installations should not alter the hierarchy nor its contents in any way.

2. We would like to query for a value during initial installation via a dialog box. The value will be an IP address used in a connection string. The connection string is contained in the application's app.config.exe which, as you proabably know, is XML. Subsequent installations should not alter the connection string in any way.

3. We would like to offer updates, ideally automatic, via a URL on our website.

Can the Pro version satisfy these requirements in some way or another?

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Going Pro

Post by Leo »

1. Just prepare your app's folder and specify it as Source Directory (Files and Folder tab). Hierarchy will be the same in the target PC. To allow empty folders, unselect the option "Do not add empty folders" in the Files Options.
To install into "C:\ProgramData", type <CommonAppData>\<Appname> in the Installation Directory field.

2. To query a value before installation, use the "Interface \ User Information" dialog (Custom Field). Value will be saved into a variable <CustomUserInfo>.
Edition XMl files is not supported, but it is possible to specify <CustomUserInfo> in an XML file and then a command CMDVAR (System/Commands) to overwrite this variable with actual value (provided by a user):

3. For updates, use the tab "Installation / updater". The automatic update feature requires the Pro+ version of Actual Installer.

Please note that you can try these features (except the auto updates) in the trial version of Actual Installer.
Actual Installer Team
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