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Actual Installer - List of Versions

Actual Installer 7.3 - May 19, 2019

Actual Installer 7.2 - February 18, 2019

Actual Installer 7.1 - November 07, 2018

Actual Installer 7.0 - September 01, 2018

Actual Installer 6.9 - April 22, 2018

Actual Installer 6.8 - September 18, 2017

Actual Installer 6.7 - April 12, 2017

Actual Installer 6.6 - January 02, 2017

Actual Installer 6.5 - October 16, 2016

Actual Installer 6.4 - June 02, 2016

Actual Installer 6.3 - February 28, 2016

Actual Installer 6.2 - August 28, 2015

Actual Installer 6.1 - May 14, 2015

Actual Installer 6.0 - February 10, 2015

Actual Installer 5.6 - October 06, 2014

Actual Installer 5.5 - July 14, 2014

Actual Installer 5.4 - March 20, 2014

Actual Installer 5.3 - March 01, 2014

Actual Installer 5.2 - November 20, 2013

Actual Installer 5.0 - August 22, 2013

Actual Installer 4.8 - March 20, 2013
- Ability to use full and short registry root names (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = hklm);
- Software prerequisites: JRE 1.7, Adobe Acrobat XI (version 11.0), SQL Server Express 2012;
- Variable: <UserProfileName>;
- Switch '-aoa' (Overwrite All existing files without prompt) for the command to extract files from DATA.ZIP;
- Ability to specify the initial directory for the select directory dialog.

- Bug with file operations on 64-bit OS - if option 'Only 64 bit' is selected then setup will turn off the WOW File Redirection system ( for exm.: on 64-bit OS setup access real System32 directory, not SysWOW64 );
- Bug with updating 64-bit applications (setup could not find previous versions because it checks 32-bit registry instead of 64-bit);
- Bug with the 'Overwrite only if newer' option for EXE and DLL/OCX;
- Bug with registering ActiveX DLL/OCX files (if a file has not been installed, the setup does not register it);
- Bug with checking software prerequisites (.NET Framework, Internet Explorer, JRE, SQL Compact, SQL Express) regarding of the type of OS (x64 or x86).

Actual Installer 4.6 - February 04, 2013
- Up/Down buttons for the Additional Prerequisites list
- URL hyperlink functionality to License Agreement and Readme Text.

- Bug with detecting .Net Framework 4.5 on x64 bit Windows
- Bug with checking Additional Prerequisites on x32 and x64 bit Windows
- Bug with downloading files using Actual Downloader

Actual Installer 4.5 - November 12, 2012
- Compatibility with 64 bit applications
- Increased speed of installing files and processing registry entries
- Option to select 'Files and Folders' or 'Variables' for the 'Command\Parameters' field
- One path for registry key (instead of using 'Root Key' and 'Subkey')
- Ability to use variables <AppName>, <AppVersion>, <CompanyName> in the 'Save Setup As' field.

- Variables for setting default values for the fields User Name, Company Name, and Custom Field: <UserNameVar>, <CompanyNameVar>, <CustomUserInfoVar>
- Buttons YesToAll and NoToAll for the dialog of overwriting files
- Option 'Create Shortcut' for the Additional Files list
- Hotkey 'Insert' for adding items
- Variable: <ProgramFiles86>
- Actual Downloader utility

- Bug with hanging up setup on the Finishing setup page
- Bug with registering file extensions (if registry key 'UserChoice' exists it fails)
- Bug with checking for updates on Actual Installer startup in the Silent Mode
- Bug with adding folders in the Additional Files list using Drag & Drop
- Bug with adding duplicate shortcuts on the Shortcuts page
- Bug with the option 'Associate '.aip' files with Actual Installer'
- Bug with Additional Prerequisites (if OS is set to 'x86' it takes effect for x64 platforms)

Actual Installer 4.3 - September 24, 2012
- Option 'Check for updates on startup'
- Option 'Open Program Files Folder'
- Sorting for the 'Additional Files' list
- Improved interface
- Improved Help file
- Improved FAQ

- Bug 'blank finish dialog'
- Bug with converting product version number into correct format (x.x.x.x)
- Other little bugs

Actual Updater 1.2:
- Bug with comparing product versions
- Bug with parameters (Upper and lower case)

Actual Installer 4.2 - July 05, 2012
- Option to change the destination file name on the 'Additional Files' tab
- Option 'Silent Mode' for Uninstaller
- Command line parameter '/S' for silent uninstallation
- Support for Windows 8
- Option 'Select Destination Folder Mode'
- Ability to change Font for Setup Wizard
- Feature 'Drag and Drop' for adding files in the 'Additional Files' list
- Installer variable: <InstallDrive>

- Bug with option 'Application Version'. Any simbols are now supported
- Bug with selecting 'Main Executable' and 'Launch Program' at finish
- Double quotes are not inserting in "Associated File" field
- Bug with option 'Overwrite only if newer'

Actual Installer is an easy-to-use software installer for Windows programs.

Actual Installer 4.0 - February 16, 2012
- Support for UNC path
- Ability to read Environment Variable
- Custom Prerequisites
- Option to launch the Control Panel 'Programs and Features' applet
- Option to associate '.aip' files with Actal Installer
- New icon for project files
- Setup Program command parameter: /P - set installation path
- Checking for file existence

- Bug with file signing if options Custom Icon and Update File Version are both checked
- Bug with using variables <UserName>, <CompanyName>, <CustomUserInfo> in the Installation Path
- Little bugs

Actual Installer 3.9 - July 18, 2011
- Software Prerequisites: .Net Framework 4.5, Internet Explorer 10, Adobe Reader X, SQL Server Compact: 3.5, 3.5 SP1, 3.5 SP2, 4.0, SQL Server Express: 2005, 2005 SP1, 2005 SP2, 2005 SP3, 2005 SP4, 2008, 2008 SP1, 2008 R2;
- 7-Zip Standalone Console 9.20;
- Setup Language: Polish;
- Empty item for "Main Executable";
- Checkbox for file associations on the "Setup" dialog;

- Bug with buttons "Up and Down" to move the commands on the "System-Commands" tab;
- Bug with using the "Create Data File" feature - "List out of bounds (4)" and requred free space;
- Bug with detecting Adobe Reader X;
- Upgrade Mode: bug with double uninstall dialogs;
- Some little bugs.

Actual Installer 3.8 - November 20, 2010
- Environment Variables
- Software Prerequisite: .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, 3.5 SP1 Client, 4.0 Client
- Option 'Launch commands on OS: All, x86, or x64
- Options "Check for Updates" and "FAQ" in the Help menu
- Option 'Open Language Folder' on Languages page
- Option to avoid checking prerequisites (command line parameter: /n)
- Setup language: Swedish
- Actual Updater - command line parameter: /a

- Bug: variables don't get stored if no "Default Value" is entered
- ABORT, RETRY, IGNORE options on File Copying
- Bug with option 'Overwrite only if newer'
- Bug with Link to SQL Prerequisite
- Some little bugs

Actual Installer 3.6 - June 15, 2010
- Ability to Update File Version Info;
- Software prerequisite: SQL Server;
- Ability to create zipped data files.

- Error with modifying registry type from REG_EXPAND_SZ to REG_SZ;
- Error with detecting an active internet connection;
- Error with detecting a Windows XP x64 bit;
- Upgrade Mode;
- Error with option 'Overwrite only if newer' .

Improved Interface

Actual Installer 3.4 - January 04, 2010
- Option 'Generate Serial Numbers';
- Option 'Require only 64-bit OS';
- Option 'Open the most recent project on startup';
- Option 'Do not add hidden files and folders';
- Software prerequisites: Acrobat Reader, Java;
- Variables: <Lng>, <LngID>, <SetupTempDir>, <SystemLngID>, <SetupExe>;
- Information for the ‘Programs and Features’ applet: DisplayIcon, InstallLocation, InstallDate and EstimatedSize;
- Command line parameter for setup program: "/s" - launch setup program in the silent mode;
- Ability to launch any files before installation;
- Customizable text for the setup wizard messages;
- Ability to change the URL for software prerequisites;
- Add 'Refresh' option for the setup languages list.

- Executing Commands;
- Error with character "?" in the path, parameters;
- Error with option 'Do not remove Registry value during uninstallation';
- Priority and reading setup variables from Registry.

Actual Updater:
Added customizable text;
Added silent mode: /s.

Added checking for the Administrator privileges;
Fixed error with executing commands.

Actual Installer 3.2 - August 04, 2009
Windows 7 compatibility
- Display progress bar during the uninstall process;
- User Variables (ability to read Registry values);
- Option: Require an Active Internet Connection;
- Option: Close Running Application;
- Option: Uninstall old version before installation;
- Option for ActiveX: Do not unregister during uninstallation;
- Option: Add all ActiveX;
- Setup languages: Czech, Hungarian, Turkish;
- Silent setup building parameter;
- New variable: <Language>;
- New Bitmaps;

- Critical error when extracting files (during installing setup files with deep directory structures, the installation takes a very long time);
- Critical error with digitally signing setup files;
- Upgrade method;
- Error with detecting the Main Executable;
- Error with a lot Serial Numbers items;
- I/O Error 32 during the Build Setup process;
- Error with Auto Detect Language option;
- Improved the adding files to the project;

Actual Installer 3.0 - September 20, 2008
[*] Context Help
[*] Optimized code
[*] Improved program interface
[+] Added Actual Updater program
[+] Custom Icon for setup program
[+] Requirement for Internet Explorer
[+] 'Source Folder' option
[+] 'Force Uninstall' option
[+] 'Restart Computer after unistallation' option
[+] 'Ready to Install' dialog
[+] 'Auto Detect' option for setup languages
[+] Execute custom commands before and after uninstallation
[+] Screensaver installation
[+] Create CD/DVD autorun
[+] List of serial numbers (note: DO NOT USE the "<" symbol in serial number)
[+] 'Main Executable' option
[+] Automatically creating shortcuts for main executable of application, uninstaller and updater
[+] .NEt Framework Download link, Internet Explorer Download link
[+] Command Line
[+] Ability to automatically close the program at uninstallation if the program is running
[-] Windows Vista compatibility improved
[-] Bug in Vista when Alt key is pressed
[-] Bug in interface of Actual Installer in Vista
[-] Bug when some copy of setup file is launched
[-] Error: "Invalid registry version"; added ability to import values from Reg file version 5: "Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00"
[-] Bug with "\n" in source text line. Now use "<#>" for the new line
[-] Detect .NET Framefork version
[-] Bug with lower and UPPER case variables
[-] Uninstallation bugs
[-] Available free disk space

Actual Installer 2.4 - October 23, 2006
- New application icon
- Added new Wizard and Header bitmaps
- Added 'Select File or Folder' dialog
- Added 'Execute before uninstallation' option
- Added 'User Information' dialog
- Added ability to import registry keys from the .reg files
- Fixed 'Commands' option
- Fixed 'Available free spcae' bug
- Fixed some bugs

Actual Installer 2.3 - August 25, 2006
Easy Install Maker was renamed to Actual Installer
- Added 'Installation Requirements' option
- Added 'Silent installation' option
- Added 'Commands' option
- Added 'Register Font, ActiveX and Type Library' options
- Added German, Italian and Spanish interface languages
- Added Description, Icon file and Icon Index parameters for File Extensions
- Fixed some bugs

Easy Install Maker 2.2.0 - June 15, 2006
- Added multi-language interface support to install engine
(The Readme and License Agreement texts can also be specified separately for each language)
- Added support for setup protection
- Added support for INI-files modification
- Added support information to "Add/Remove Programs" applet
- Added 'Visit product uninstall web page' option
- Added 'Launch Program AFTER installation' option
- Added 'View ReadMe AFTER installation' option
- Added 'Visit Web Site AFTER installation' option
- Added 'Working directory', 'Description', 'Parameters', 'Icon file', 'Icon index', 'Window state' to shortcut parameters
- Added new installer variables: <Date, <CommonFiles, <SentTo>, <Favorites>, <Templates>, <AppData>, <LocalSettings>, <UserProfile>, <AllUserProfile>, <StartUp>, <CommonDesktop>, <CommonStartMenu>, <CommonProgramsDir>, <CommonStartUp>, <LocalAppData>, <CommonAppData>, <CommonMyDocuments>, <CommonFavorites>, <CommonTemplates>
- Improved Setup Wizard interface
- Fixed some bugs

Easy Install Maker 2.1.8 - May 05, 2006
- Added ProgramGroup option
- Added 'File Association' option
- Added <CurrentDir>, <AppName>, <AppVersion>, <CompanyName> variables
- Fixed 'Extract variable string'
- Added 'Recently projects' option
- Fixed some bugs

Easy Install Maker 2.1.7 - March 07, 2006
- Added Readme dialog
- Added 'install file functions: if exists, uninstall'
- Added Company Name information
- Fixed 'file installation' option
- Fixed 'Project save' option
- Fixed some bugs

Easy Install Maker 2.1.6 - January 11, 2006
- Improved interface
- Fixed 'Regedit'
- Fixed 'Shortcuts'
- Fixed 'Select directory' option
- Added ability to not show license page
- Added Product version info
- Fixed Uninstaller
- Fixed 'Project save' option

Easy Install Maker 2.1.5 - November 25, 2005
- Added 'file compression' option
- Added 'file statistic' option
- Fixed uninstall bugs
- Fixed some bugs

Easy Install Maker 2.1.2 - October 18, 2005
- Added new installation variables
- Added 'dll, ocx registration' option
- Added 'License Agreement in the RTF format'
- Fixed some bugs

Easy Install Maker 2.0 - March 28, 2005

Easy Install Maker 1.0 (initial release) - May 10, 2004

Actual Installer
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“Actual installer is one of most helpful program I've encounter so far. It's easy to manage and simple. One add that I would like to suggest is being able to change the icon of the application (the default one). This Ad would make this program number one.”
John Knievez
To uninstall Actual Installer from your computer, go to Control Panel \ Programs and Features and double-click Actual Installer.