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Actual Installer 7.3 Release

Actual Installer version 7.3 was released on May 19, 2019.

What's new:


  • Custom ComboBox - a drop-down list that allows the user to select one item from a list;
  • Support for the Actual Updater 4.0 feature "Automatically Check for Updates: at Windows startup, daily, weekly, monthly";
  • Feature to read values from INI files to variables;
  • Feature to ask a user for information and save it to variables;
  • Feature 'Run as admin' for Finish actions: Launch Application, and Custom Action;
  • Ability to specify default values for the User Information Query fields: user name, company name, custom field: <UserNameVar>, <CompanyNameVar>, <CustomUserInfoVar>;
  • Improved a function to execute commands for Prerequisites and Finish actions: ability to use parameters which begin without slash "/"; ability to specify command for different Windows bitness: e.g. x64[]x86[];
  • Variables <Win64bit>, <ComboBox>, <ComboBoxIndex>;
  • Command-line parameter for setup programs: /DFC - user is unable to change the Destination Folder;
  • Some improvements.


  • Bug: Commands do not execute with timing Before Uninstallation and After Uninstallation, for the Classic Theme only;
  • Little bug: Beep on Silent installation;
  • Other little bugs.

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